Loss in tight game with Israel

Morning drama in Monegranaro…

Out NT playedA�today at 9am another match in the championship. We started the game perfectly. Kamenski and MagdaleniA� in the first inning filledA�the base and JerbiA�with great hit for three bases sent them home and we have 2: 0 already. Unfortunately again we leave a full bases, but it is only the first inning, and it seems like this is going to be an easy match. Israelis in their first attack by two strokes immediately return things to start. The result is 2: 2nd it looked like it will beA�match with a lot of points. However, for the following 4 inningsA�defenses of both teams are doing an excellent job and the result does not change. Thing toA�pointA�out is certainly phenomenal play by AntoloviA� who catchesA�difficult ball over him and with great throw throws out runner on first.

The sixth inning isA�opesned by JerbiA�s bomb on SS that unfortunately remains in the glove. Next was hit by AntoloviA� and HP to Hajak and again we have two men on base. Second SinkoviA�sA�hitA�on the match point brings us advantage, but the Israelis with a couple of buntes and hits again return things to start. In the last attack apparently thoughts were already in the extra inning. Three quick outs and we’re going to defense.A�The drama begins. The first batter had a hit, and then with bunt he moved to 2B, thenA�hitA�to the SS follows and the batter is out on 1B. Situation: 2 outs, runner on third and then IBB, IBB and bases are full. Dramatical part begins, first ball, than another ball and than strike. The next pitch flewA�inside and by our subjective opinion hits batter to bat and we have called it a second strike, but the judge called HP and ball game. Anyway exciting match.

We showed a good game and we are waiting for Israel in a possible duel in the next stage of the competition.

Today at 18:30 track duel with Britain.