Croatia- Great Britain 2:3

Our NT played an amazing match with Great Britain. We started great. JerbiA� is confident atA�pitching and does not allow any points in the first two innings. Unfortunately GB neither. In the third inning Great Britain madeA�first points. After error, hit and BB bases are full and on one wp they made 2 points. But with two bb our players came to base and JerbiA� with double returns the game to the egal. At this point, the British were forced to put their best pitcher and one of the best pitchers in general in the championship, Darby, to the pitching. Anyone would have thought that was the end of the game but the drama continues. In the next 3 innings both teams made no points. Phenomenal pitching on both sides. We even managed to have three great hits on Darby. In the last offense our concentration was a bit lower and on BB they came to the base. Then they had stolen basa, PB and SF to make the winning point. But we have last chance to make some pints in offense. Kamenski immediately with a nice single comes on the base. Unfortunately he is out on 2b after Mandic’s shot, but we left with a runner on 1B which Belas moves to 2B. A runner in scoring position and JerbiA� on hitting. British realize that this is the key moment of the match and they walked JerbiA�. This is probably the first Darby IBB at the European Championships. Unfortunately there are also our desires to win ended as the next batter was out. Regardless of the defeat the guys played a great game and certainly was a pleasure, after the game, get praise from the Czechs for displayed game. The next match is against Sweden (Wednesday at 13h) and there we go for a victory.