Loss from Denmark on the begining of the tournament

The first match of seniors on the EP was the one against Denmark, today, the first day of the championship at 9am.

The game against the Danes team opened pretty well. Kamenski with beautiful hitA�immediately came to the base. A�S. Dokmanovic follows also with hit and JerbiA� came to the base on BB and we hadA�full bases. Unfortunately we did not manage to convert it to the run. Danes immediately made runA�in their first attack. The following two innings our teamA�did not arrive toA�the base while the Danes are doing a runA�in the second and three runsA�in the third inning. In the fourth inning Antolovic with a nice hitA�to CF come to the base and Kamenski on the mistake and that’s it from us to the end of the game. Although both teams had three hits in the game, with few errors in our defense and wild pitches Denmark won the match. Game ended with scoreA�7: 0.

The Danes are one of the better teams in the tournament and this defeat does not need to worry, tomorrow we hope for victories in matches against Israel and the United Kingdom at 9:00 and 18: 30h.