Men’s CUP started on September 19th with the Giants’ 12: 1 win over Dubrava.
The next day we could follow the game between Zadar and Špansko where Špansko celebrated with 22:21.
As a defending champion, SPAN had an easy way to the final, where they convincingly defeated Špansko with 15: 0. With that defeat, Špansko were left with only a fight for 3rd place.
Medvednica and Giants fought to enter the finals, and the 9: 2 victory went to the Giants, who secured entry into the finals and a fight with SPAN for the title of Croatian Cup champion, while Medvednica was left with a fight for 3rd place.T
Medvednica won 3rd place with a convincing 16: 1 win against Špansko.
On Saturday, October 3th the final was played between SPAN and Giants. In a very tense and uncertain game until the very end, the SPAN team in the last inning does not allow Giants to score with full bases and SPAN take a 3: 2 win, thus defending the title of Croatian Cup Champion.

This weekend continues the finals of the Croatian Championship, in which the team of Prince in the women’s category and the team of Medvednica in the men’s category, took a 1-0 lead in the series in three games won.