From the June 30th until July 6th, 23 European teams competed to earn the title of Women’s European Champion of 2019. The total of 113 games of this tournament were played on five different fields, in four different ballparks in Ostrava, Frýdek-Místek (CZE), Żory and Rybnik (POL).

The Croatian national team played their first game against Germany and unfortunately lost 10: 0 at the start of the Championship.

The next day, it was time to gather strength and win an important game against Switzerland, which would lead the Croatian national team to play from 9 to 16 places. Croatia played a tense game, but a win of 2: 0 went to the side of Switzerland and pushed Croatia to play 17-23 places.
In the first round, the national team was still waiting for games against favorites Great Britain (15: 0) and Greece (7: 0).

The second part of the tournament, Croatian national team is played in great style. In Poland, Rybnik achieves the first two victories in the championship against Ukraine and Lithuania, and continues to defeat Hungary, Turkey, Denmark and Slovakia.

Croatia with six consecutive wins and four defeats, from the start of the Championship, the tournament finishes at the 17th place.
Italy has won the Women’s European Championship 2019.