Junior and Minime games for the weekend

On Saturday 14.04.2018. on Jarun will Zagreb Juniors Championship be played.
The juniors of SPAN, Španskog and Dubrava participate in the championship. Next year, our National Team will play on European Junior and Cadet Championships so it is important that our juniors, some of whom already play in the senior teams, play as many games throughout the year.

Saturday 14.04. Jarun
10.00h SPAN – Špansko              jun m zgb-1
12.00h Špansko – Dubrava         jun m zgb-2
14.00h Dubrava – SPAN              jun m zgb-3

On Sunday 15.04.2018. the first Youth tournament is played on Jarun field.

Sunday 15.04. Jarun
Teren A                                                          Teren B
11.00h Prince – SPAN (X)             Dubrava – Špansko (Y)
12.00h Pob X – But Y                          Pob Y – But X
13.00h final                                            for 3rd place