Senior Women went to European Championship

Women senior team went to European Championship to Netherlands. Tournament begins on Sunday 19.07.2015. A�and lasts till 25.07.2015. A�There will be 20 teams from Europe playing. Croatia is in group with France, Poland, Russia and Spain.

Our first game is on Sunday at 9:30 in the morning against France.

Team for the championship is; players:A�Mihaela Haramina,A�Tihana A?upaniA�,A�Katarina Prskalo,A�Lorena OreA?A?anin,A�Iva A�eriA�,A�Petra A?izmiA� Pokrajac,A�Andrea BrkiA�,A�Ina A�imiA?eviA�,A�Nikolina IljkiA�,A�Sanja Tabak,A�Monika GorkiA?,A�Anja RadeliA�,A�Ema HaA?iA�, Kristina UroiA�, managerA�SaA?a Havelka, coach Damir MandiA�, director Iva Bosiljevac i phisyotherapist Ana TurkoviA�.

Unfortunately papers procedure for girls form USA was not finished and they can not play on the tournament. We hope everything will be ready for next representative actions.

Our managerA�SaA?a Havelka was until the last day before travel in hospital but she managed to go on the tournament with the girls we wish her everything goes well and to the girls good playing on the tournament!