Seminar for coaches and players was held in Zagreb

On Saturday 03/12/2016. and Sunday 04/12/2016. in Zagreb a seminar for coaches and players was held. Seminar was led by Italian coach Adriano Morabito who currently leads the team Thunders Castellana Softball. With Adriano also Sofia Cecchin and Carlotta Salis had taken part in demonstrations. They both are senior team players of Metalco Thunders and members of the Italian Junior National Team 2016.

The seminar was attended by 15 coaches (future and those who are already trainers) and 30 players. Various exercises were demonstrated, coaches worked on defense and attack, aslo especially with the pitchers beginners and advanced. Some interesting things for the progress of our players were showed. From this seminar there will certainly be a lot of benefits for our coaches and players, and we are grateful to the coach Morabito for comming after our invitation.

The next seminar for coaches and players will be in January when we will have a presentation of BeeBall, version of softball which is intended for youngest players.