Junior National Team competed on Ball Game Tournament

Croatian Junior National Team was competing from 14 – 16 October at the 6th international tournament organized by the Softball Club Princ – Ball Game.

This is the last competition of the season. This year 8 teams participated – two from Bulgaria – Angels and Athletics, Slovenian National Team, Thunders from Italy, for the first time Challengers from Switzerland and PV Praha from the Czech Republic and Croatian Junior NT and Princ as hosts. National team consisted of smaller junior, mostly cadet – which will in two years to be part of the junior team. Most of the match were played, on Saturday afternoon rain has stopped some games but hte tournament continued on Sunday according to the new schedule. The girls showed a good game and the desire to learn and play. This was for most of them first appearance for the national team, and already some matches were close to winning, Croatian cadet national team still has never competed at the European Championships for women, we hope that next year they will for the first time.

Final standings:
First ASD Thunders Castellana Softball
2nd PV Praha, Czech Republic
3rd Angels, Bulgaria
4th Slovenian National Women’s Fastpitch Softball Team
5th Athletics, Bulgaria
6th Prince
7th Zurich Challengers Baseball & Softball Club
8. Croatian Softball Association (Croatian Softball Association)