Equality in Sport – new European project that Softball Club Princ is implementing

Project “Equality in Sport” is implemented by Softball Club Princ Zagreb in Zagreb. Activity began on November 11th 2017, and will last for next 12 months. Project involves 2 volunteers, where one is from Poland, and other one is from Italy. Objectives of this project are: promotion of active and sporting life; intercultural dialog between youth people and awareness of the problem of inequality in sports. Main objective is promotion of sport as a tool to have active and healthy life.
Project has focus on themes like healthy way of living, health and wellbeing for youth and equal opportunities for all. Through the planned activities, the project will support solving the digital age problem where children play computer games and do not participate in sports and active life. Volunteers will participate in all club activities: summer and spring camps, trainings, workshops, presentations and other informal activities, etc.
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union