Come to Jarun with children 5 to 10 years to try out an interesting sport with a bat and ball on BeeBall Day 20.05.2017!

Croatian Softball Association and all interested softball clubs are opening their doors to the youngest on Saturday 20.05.2017. A�We are organising a BeeBall day for children of 5-10 years to get acquainted with softball. BeeBall Day is mostly intended for beginners who have just met with the sport or want to try what it is, but of course experienced players can also join us . Team registrations are open up to 10h – A�each team will get trainer/volunteer who will guide them through the game and get them introducedA�with the rules that are very easy for kids in these years, and most important is to have fun!

So, we invite all pre-school and school children to join us with their friends on 20.05.2017. At the softball field on Jarun and play softball! Representatives of all Zagreb clubs will also bethere and children will be able to immediately contact and sign in to the nearest club.

Project Softball A�and the Youngest – BeeBall day is held as an introduction to the new Croatian Softball Association project through whichA�we want to bring the sport closer to the youngest. From May, we will start with the donations of the softball initial package (tee, bat, ball) to the Zagreb primary schools and withA�education of teachers who will be our partners in our tryA�to let as many childrenA�find out what the softball is and try it out in school. At the physical and health classes, students will be able to play softball games with the help of teachers and donated equipment, and later on one of the following BeeBall days the school will be able to applyA�their own team. With this action, we hope that as many children willA�learn what softballA�is and develop their sports spirit by playing it. If any of the teachers or parents want to join our action please feel free to contact us.

Address: Softball Center Jarun, RibiA?ki prilaz 2
Contact: +385 98 961 0518