European Super Cup

Medvednica and SPAN have returned from the Super Cup which was played from 28 Aug 2017 to 02 Sep 2017 in Amersfoort, Netherlands. This year, 20 teams participated, including the Argentinian Junior National Team. In the first phase, all the teams play their round robin games. For the second phase, the teams are divided into two groups depending on the results of the round robin games. The top twelve teams play for the Super Cup, the remaining teams compete to win the ESF Cup.

In the first phase Medvedi made two wins and two losses, while SPAN in the first phase failed to win.

With to wins Medvedi earned their spot in the Super Cup bracket, while SPAN played for ESF Cup and made they first, and unfortunately, only win on tournament.

Danish Amager Viking von the ESF Cup and Brasschaat Braves won the European Super Cup with three consecutive wins.

All the results and final standing can be found at the following links:

Medvednica Span