Princ won Croatian Cup, men in battle for play off

After heavy rains and postponed games this weekend we finally played softball in Zagreb. The men are still playing for place in the play off and everything is still open.

Women have already started play off and Princ leads 2:0 against Novi Zagreb.

The final of the Women’s Cup was also played. In the interesting game against Novi Zagreb, Princ won 9:4.


Played senior games

Saturday 23.09. Mladost

10.00h  Lady Pirates – Princ          sen ž finals-1                            6:13

Saturday 23.09. Jarun

16.00h  Mrki Medvedi – Špansko        sen m hp-17                           10:0                    zapisnik      statistika

18.00h  Mrki Medvedi – Špansko        sen m zgb-4                          12:5                    zapisnik      statistika

Sunday 24.09. Mladost

15.00h  Giants – SPAN                 sen m hp-5                                      3:2

Sunday 24.09. Jarun

19.00h   Princ – Lady Pirates          sen ž kup-04 (finals)                9:4