Saturday women games, Sunday men games!

Weekend ahead of us is filled with softball games. On Saturday on field Jarun and Mladost men games will be played, and on Sunday women games.

Favorites Mrki Medvedi are playing against A�pansko and Dubrava, while in women game Lady Pirates have chance to get back to Princ for two losses last weekend.

Games Lady Pirates-Pink Panthers and Pink Panthers-Princ will also be played, young girls from Pink Pathersa are advancing every season and becoming more difficult opponents to experienced girls from Lady Pirates and Princ.




14.00hA� A�pansko – Mrki Medvedi A� A�A�(sen m hp-10)

16.00hA� Mrki Medvedi – Dubrava A� A�A�(sen m hp-11)


18.00hA� Giants – Dubrava A� A� A� A�(sen m hp-12)



10.00h Lady Pirates – PrincA�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�(sen A? hp-04)

12.00h Lady Pirates – Pink Panthers A�A�(sen A? zgb-02)


14.00h Pink Panthers – Princ A� A� A� A� A�(sen A? hp-05)