The second phase of the tournament started. The top eight teams were determined from there. The remaining nine teams have their newly set up pools as well. Their standings taken from these pools will later determine which place will they fight in their final games for. In the new group our opponents are girls from Russia, Ukraine and Serbia. The first game we played against Ukraine. It was very tense game. We had the lead from 2:0, but in 5. inning the Ukrainians with a couple of our mistakes, are doing 3 runs, which unfortunately was enough for their victory of 3:2. The game against Serbia has brought us to the first victory in tournament. The girls played an excellent game and finished in 3rd inning with a score of 16: 0. After game with Serbia, juniors were waiting for the game with Russia. Russia nevertheless showed as a strong opponent and our girls lost 1:12.
Today our girls played game for 13th place. It was also the last match of our national team in this championship which they closed in the best way, winning 5: 0 against Poland.