Team Medvedi kept first position before prije play-offs

Team Medvedi won on Thursday 25.06.2015. 6:2 against Giants and kept first position in Croatian Championship before the playoffs.

Giants scored two new victories; one against Dubrava, and other against A�pansko, but with defeat against Medvedi they ended on the second place in first part on Croatian Championship.

Play off beginsA�in October, and Medvedi will have advantage 1:0 because of first place in Championship.

ThursdayA�25.06.2015. Jarun
12.00h Mrki Medvedi – Zagreb Giants 6:2
SundayA�28.06.2015. Mladost
10.00h Zagreb Giants – Dubrava 7:0*
12.00h Zagreb Giants – A�pansko 7:0*

On SundayA�05.07.2015. two more games of Croatian Championship will be played:

10.00h A�pansko – Dubrava
12.00h Dubrava – A�pansko