Women European Chamionship started

On Sunday 25.06.2017. Women European Softball Championship started. 23 teams came from all around Europe to play at the biggest European softball tournament of the year. The best three teams – the medalists – will advance to the 2018 World Championship in Japan.


Our representatives have played two games on the first day of the tournament. The first was against France. The first match at the tournament and a bit stressed at the bat, there were no major mistakes and France deserved to celebrate 7: 0.. http://competition.europeansoftball.org/2017/bollate/games/006.htm


The second game was against Switzerland. The girls made their first victory on this year tournament with 11: 4. The match was pitched by Tihana Županić and with 7 strike-outs she did a very good job. On the bat girls were also very good with 14 hits in total. http://competition.europeansoftball.org/2017/bollate/games/021.htm

Other results from group A