A unique way to your improvement – for coaches and players

The European Softball Coaches Association is introducing a unique opportunity for all softball coaches and players of women’s fastpitch (age 13-20) – the ESCA Camp 2017.

This camp is being prepared by Craig Montvidas, one the most successful softball coaches in Europe (golden hattrick with the Dutch NT), who also spent two years coaching in the American NPF. Craig will be accompanied by an outstanding lineup of the best European coaches as well as by coaches and special guests from the States.

The ESCA Camp won’t be special only thanks to the instructors, but also because of the program structure (sessions plus mini-workshops), and the topics – Improve your softball skills. How to make your way to the college softball? How to pick the right glove or a bat? Learn more about mental training. How to prioritize what to practice throughout the year?

If you’re a player, attendance at this camp will help you to learn more about various aspects of softball, but more importantly, you will learn more about yourself as a player. Individual lessons will be given as a reward for your hard-work during the daily sessions. This camp is a tool for stepping up your softball career, this camp is where you escape the “average” and start building your “exceptional”.

Coaches, you will have the chance to work side by side with the instructors. They will be leading the camp together with you, all you need to do is to listen, watch, and try your best. Each coach will then receive their individual evaluation. There will be special discussions for coaches only and a plenty of time for questions to be answered.

FEE: 360 Euro for players and 260 Euro for coaches – includes instruction, meals, and lodging (3 nights). Group discount: If a coach registers together with five of his/her players, a discount will apply on to their fees as follows: coach a�� 230 euro, players a�� 330 euro